Our Mission

We have always been on cutting edge of dyeing technology and continue to make product compatible with latest technology in fashion industries to service the high growth demand of global market. Lekos is the company that thinks twice for its customer. We promise you to secure the leading position in fashion and textile business in the 21 century by developing more valuable product that will lead the future textile and fashion industry.

Leader in dyeing industry

We are proud of reliable products and lively work style with better services than any other company

Our dyeing facility serves customers dyeing orders with minimized defects in fabrics and color achieved by newest dyeing technology

We have pressure rapid dyeing machines with outstanding performance enables us to be specialized in dyeing for all applications; Matel, Cotton, Nylon Slinky, Jersey, Polyester Slinky, Poly Rayon, Acetate and Ottoman

We are also equipped dyestuff chemical automatic dispensing system for let us to produce the most accurate dye and highly skilled employees using advanced technological equipment, develop fabrics and color that are used in the manufacture of various types of garments